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Computing a different way

About us

VNV SA is a 100% swiss computer and IT company founded in 2001 in Le Locle.

Efficiency, realism and pragmatism
 are at the core of our DNA, leading to a sustainable fidelity from our clients.

With sustained growth over the years, VNV decided to bring its various offices under one roof in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Our building houses some of our spin-offs, such as one of Switzerland’s most environmentally friendly local data centers, High DC. Today, VNV employs 60 people.

We move forward alongside our clients through partnerships that optimize their use of technology by leveraging the knowledge and experience of our highly qualified specialists.

Our slogan “That’s IT. “represents this philosophy and vision: solutions that make you say “Of course!”

" We are proud to have our customers as ambassadors, sharing their enthusiasm and satisfaction in the french part of Switzerland and beyond. Their success made our reputation of innovation and excellency. "

Our Commitments

Our commitment to sustainable development and culture

Anchored in our identity and strongly represented in our daily lives, VNV is committed to the lowest possible, or even negative, ecological footprint. As part of our commitment to the climate, the roof of our building is covered by photovoltaic panels and the rest of our electricity consumption is covered by local photovoltaic and hydraulic energy.

10% of VNV’s turnover is reinvested in regional culture through sponsoring and support:

Our Commitments

Supporting local business

In order to be helpful in the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, VNV developed and launched in March 2020 the national service Demazone, which offers local stores the possibility to sell their products online in a simple, efficient and free way. A little later, VNV launched the Eat’s Me application to help track customers in restaurants, bars and clubs.